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Frequently Asked Questions
What is "Low & Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief" program and How do I qualify?
The Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief bill became law on July 1, 2002. ~This is a State program administered by the Department of Revenue Administration (DRA). ~For more information on this program you can call the DRA at 603-271-6000. Please remember that this program is NOT run by the Town of Hampstead. This program is run by the State so it is important that you talk to the State directly about any questions you may have.

What types of exemptions or credits are available to taxpayers?
Elderly Exemption, Veterans Credit, Blind Exemption and Disabled Exemption. Contact the Assessing Department for details.  There is more information about this on our website, under Exemptions & Criedits.

When is the deadline for applying for exemptions and tax credits?
All exemptions and tax Credit applications must be filed by April 15th preceding the setting of the tax rate. No applications will be considered after the tax rate is set for the year.

How do I apply for a Town abatement request?
Applications forms are available at the Assessing Department or may be obtained on line

When is the appropriate time to request an abatement from the Town or Board of Tax and Land Appeals/Superior Court?
Step one: The taxpayer must file the abatement application with the municipality by March 1, following final tax liability (December bill).

Step two: The municipality has until July 1 following the notice of final tax liability to deny or grant the abatement application, if you do not receive a response by July 1, check with the assessing department.

Step Three: The taxpayer must file an appeal with the Board of Tax and Land Appeals or Superior Court after receiving the municipality's decision, but no later than September 1 following the notice of final tax.

What date is my assessment from?
The assessment is considered market value as of April 1 of a given year.

What is the tax rate and equalization for the city?
The 2018 tax rate is $25.52 at 82.3%  equalization rate

Why did the assessing department come to my property?

Cycled inspections:
The assessing department is mandated by the state of New Hampshire to measure and inspect all properties in town every 5 years.  To save money the Town of Hampstead has a cycled inspection program.  We measure and inspect a fourth of the town every year.  This meets the state requirement, and saves the town in having a full revaluation every 5 years

Permits - A building permit was issued for your property within the past year, we are inspecting the property to see the status as of April 1, 2018.

Customer Follow-up - We are responding to your request to ascertain the accuracy of our assessment of your property.

Sale- We use the sales to determine property assessments.  We visit the properties that have sold, to determine accuracy of the property record card, and to verify circumstances around the sale.

Change - Recently discovered evidence indicates that the information we have pertaining to your property may need to be changed.

How can I review my assessment?
A computer is available on the Assessing Department counter for public viewing of current and up-to-date property records. The assessing staff will assist with any questions you have regarding the assessing information.

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