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Instructions for Veterans' Credit Worksheet - RSA 72:28

  • Enter Veteran's full name including middle initial and suffix (i e. SR.,  JR).
  • The credit is applied to the Veteran's principal place of abode and the Veteran, if married, does not have to be referenced as an owner on the deed.  However, the Veteran's spouse must be an owner as specified on the deed and the spouse may apply for the credit on behalf of the Veteran.
  • Applicant must have been a NH resident for at least one year prior to April 1 of the tax year of application.
  • Enter dates of active duty service.  To qualify Veteran must serve at least 90 days active duty. Service in Basic Training, National Guard, or Reserve Units DO NOT count as active duty.  FormDD214 is a record of a service person's active duty service.  90 days active duty are considered satisfied when an applicant applies during the following dates:
WW1 - April 6, 1917 to August 14, 1918 (War actually ended on November 11, 1918,
but entering service on August 15, 1918 would yield only 89 days, not the required 90 days.)
WWII - December 7, 1941 to October 3, 1946 (War actually ended on December 31, 1946, but entering service on October 4, 1946 would yield only 89 days, not the required 90 days.)
Korea - June 25, 1950 to November 3, 1954 (War actually ended on January 31, 1955, but entering service on November 4, 1954 would yield only 89 days, not the required 90 days.)
Viet Nam - December 22, 1961 to February 7, 1975 (War actually ended on May 7, 1975, but entering service on February 8, 1975 would yield only 89 days, not the required 90 days.
Viet Nam - July 1, 1958 to September 1, 1961 (This period requires 90 days active   duty AND a qualifying medal.)
Gulf War - August 2, 1990 and the date thereafter prescribed by Presidential proclamation or by law.  (As of March 2007 this date remains open. Watch for future legislation to close the Gulf War.

  • Enter any qualifying medals an applicant has received.  Qualifying medals are only required during the following periods of time:
August 15, 1918     to   December 6, 1941
October 4, 1946      to  June 25, 1950
November 4, 1954  to  December 21, 1961
February 8, 1975     to  August 1, 1990

  • Applicant must have an honorable discharge or if an officer an honorable separation from Service. Anything less does not qualify an applicant.
  •  A discharge of "Under Honorable Conditions" is not a qualifying discharge.

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