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Care & Maintenance of Your Septic System

clip_image002.gifWhat is a septic system?
A septic system is a two part treatment and disposal system designed to condition untreated liquid household waste (sewage) so that it can readily be dispersed and percolated into the subsoil.  Percolation through the soil accomplishes much of the final purification of the effluent, including the destruction of disease producing bacteria.

A septic tank provides the first step in the process by removing larger solid materials, decomposing solids by bacterial action, and storing sludge and scum.  The liquid between sludge and scum is then passed along to the leaching area for final treatment and absorption into the ground.  A properly maintained septic system will adequately treat your sewage!

What should I do to maintain my septic system?

Know the location of your septic tank and leaching area.  Our office has many plans on file in the respective property files.
  • Inspect your tank yearly and have the tank pumped as needed and at least every three years.

  • If you are installing a water softening system your septic system must be sized adequately to handle the extra volume of water.

  • Do not flush toxic materials such as paint thinner, pesticides, or chlorine into your system as they may kill the good bacteria in your tank.  These bacteria are essential to a properly operating septic system.

  • Repair leaking plumbing fixtures promptly.

  • Conserve water usage and use water reducing fixtures when possible.

  • Do not flush bulky items such as throw away diapers or sanitary pads into your system.

  • Keep heavy vehicles from driving or parking on your leaching area.

  • Keep deep rooted trees and shrubs from growing on your leaching area.

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