Building, Health, & Code Enforcement

Mission Statement

The Building, Health, and Code Enforcement Department’s mission and goals relate to the timely provision of public services to the public and the Town government, in areas dealing with permits, inspections, code compliance, and citizen’s inquiries. These programs are intended to ensure public safety, minimize untimely delays to citizens, provide for expedited review procedures to increase public satisfaction, and remain in compliance with the State Building Code and Town regulations.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kristopher Emerson Chief Building Official / Health Officer (603) 329-4100 Ext. 116
Dawn M. Shaw Support Staff (603)329-4100 ext.104
Mike Hall Support Staff (603)329-4100 ext. 103
Anthony Iuele Electrical Inspector
Michael Hartnett Plumbing Inspector
Michael DiBartolomeo Code Official