Priority Values Statement

As leaders in our community we are committed to fire service professionalism through:

INTEGRITY: We will serve the community and strive to uphold their trust with the highest moral and ethical standards. We will be guided by honesty and moral courage in all our relations with our citizens and with each other.

RESPECT: We recognize the value of individual and cultural diversity and will treat all people with kindness, tolerance and dignity. We will cherish and strive to protect the wellness and safety of all citizens.

SERVICE: We will dedicate ourselves to provide quality service in a courteous, efficient and accessible manner. We are committed to protecting life and property, and developing a partnership with our citizens to prevent life safety issues and bring forth treatment and transport for the sick and injured.

FAIRNESS: We will consistently treat everyone with dignity, compassion and without prejudice. We will listen and act with respect, fairness and courtesy.

PRIDE: We will, as members of our department, take pride in ourselves, our profession and our community. Working as a team, we will strive to be role models for our community by enthusiastically excelling in quality performance.