New Resident Information

New Resident Information

Residency Requirements:

To establish residency, one of the following is needed showing your name and your Hampstead address:

  • Utility Bill (must be in your name and show service to your Hampstead address)
  • Lease/rental agreement (signed)
  • Notarized letter from Property Owner
  • Resident Affidavit (signed by applicant and property owner)
  • Closing documents on purchase of property (must be within 60 days)


Registration Requirements:

A person moving from out of state has 60 days to change their address with the State and obtain a NH Driver License (RSA 261:45 and RSA 263:35)

A person moving from one town to another with NH has 30 days to change their address by filling out the Record Change Request (RSA 263:9)

Residents New to NH:  Please bring the following applicable vehicle paperwork & all parties listed on the vehicle paperwork with you.

  • Owned Vehicles (have titles) – For vehicles model year 2000 or newer, please present out-of-state title.  A NH title application will be created at the time of registration.  For vehicles model year 1999 and older, please present out-of-state registration, and either a title or NH VIN Verification form.
  • Vehicles with a Lienholder – Please provide current out-of-state registration and paperwork such as bill of sale showing Lienholder’s name and address, date of purchase, and odometer reading at time of purchase
  • Leased Vehicles – Please provide current out-of-sate registration and the lease agreement from the dealership.

All parties listed on the vehicle paperwork must be present to sign the NH Title Application at the time of registration