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Completed Absentee Ballot Applications can be submitted either by:

1)  In person to the Town Clerk's Office, 11 Main Street, Hampstead, NH during our regular business hours of Monday through Thursday 7:00AM - 4:00 PM, Friday 7:00AM - 12:00noon

2)  Mail:  Hampstead Town Clerk,  PO Box 298, Hampstead, NH 03841

3)  Fax:  603-329-7174

4)  Email to:

The Town Clerk will be available on Monday, November 2, 2020 until 5:00PM to issue and receive Absentee Ballots.

Supervisors of the Checklist will meet on Tuesday October 6, 2020 and Tuesday October 27, 2020 from 7:00PM - 7:30PM at the Town Office Building.

The Town Clerk and Moderator will be pre-processing Absentee Ballots on Friday October 30, 2020 at 12:30 in the meeting room of the Town Office Building, 11 Main Street


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